A complete guide to manicures and nail art

A professional Manicure gives your overall look an extra edge. You have to agree that a good manicure has become an integrated part of today’s beauty regime for many. Whether it is glitter nails, creative fashion nails, 3D nails, French nails, reverse French nails, acrylic nails, fake extensions (and the list goes on) you have an abundance of options to choose from. To give you clearer picture lets discuss each of the nail manicures in detail. It will make it way easier for you to decide the one which suits your style and is your pocket-friendly too.

Simple Manicure

This is by far the most common, cheapest and most readily available in nail salons near you. If new to the nail manicures and hesitant to go for the advanced ones your nail technician would recommend you the simple basic manicure. Once you are seated your hands are soaked in warm water after applying little cream or oil to your nails. After soaking for 5minutes, they will take it out the hands will be dried properly. Now is the time to shape them properly. You can choose from different available options and off course the length of your nails. You can go for square, oval, conical, etc.

Now make sure that your nail spa person massages your hands properly and then moves towards the coating process.

  • First, goes the base coat on your
  • Followed by two coats of your selected nail polish color
  • Finished off with a top coat and a shiner if you please
  • Lastly, you need to air dry them or put them in the nail dryer to settle properly

Right now it is the matte finish which has gained popularity you can skip the nail shiner coat completely.

Creative Manicures

You can express yourself here and go crazy with your nails. You have all the means and the instruments to implement your crazy nail ideas. Just let your mind run rampant.

Glitter Manicure: Don’t worry you can choose how glittery you want them to be. Its controllable. Some nail experts swear by total glitter, some give it half glitter half matte look, while some just paint the edges are glittery. It is up to you. Following are some basic kinds of glitter manicures

  • Semi Glitter: Paint your nails half in one color and a half in another. Now once dried apply a coat of glitter nail paint on your nails and let them dry properly. This is a very easy manicure and can be easily implemented at home as well.
  • Craft Manicure: You loved confetti at school, and you still love it. Then put it on your nails. Another very easy and professional looking nail manicure, this glitter manicure requires just some confetti and a light nail color for the base followed by shiner on the top. Apply the base coat, followed by your nail paint. Immediately sprinkle the confetti on top of your nails before the nail paint dries off. Let it settle well and now put that final oat of the shiner. You are ready for that bling party girl!

  • Dress Matching Nail Manicure: When your dress has more than one color, and you want your nails to reflect that then put the nail colors of your dress in a contrasting manner. Apply the main color on all your nails except one on both your hands. Then put that color which accentuates your dress and see your nail manicure shine bright like your outfit. You are ready in style.
  • Stripes Manicure: There is no one way of doing this kind of manicure. The stripes glitter manicure can be done using tapes, paper, etc. You can also have a blast with colors over here. Choose two or three or color each stripe differently. It all depends on you. Going for a theme party then this is your go-to a manicure for sure. Having candy stripes party color your nails in different stripes of pink with one or two stripes of glitter. This one is best left to professional nail experts. Stripes Nail Manicure requires the precision of an artist. If not done well can make your nails looks dirty, to say the least. Therefore don’t hesitate in going t the nearby nail salon and get the beautiful glittery nails of your dreams.
  • Theme based manicures: Glitters are the easiest when you need to go for a theme party. You just need confetti or different colored glitter nail polishes. Be it Halloween or Christmas your nails can get you in the theme mode within 5 minutes. Just apply the base coat followed by the theme color Nail paint and sprinkle that glitter. Don’t forget the top coat of shine.
    • For Christmas just apply white nail paint and sprinkle with green and red confetti on the top part.
    • Halloween requires some starry shaped sprinklers and a dead black nail paint color. Decorate the stars wherever and however you like.

French Manicures and Reverse French Manicures

They are by far a girl’s favorite nail manicure style. A French manicure gives your nails a clean, chic, pretty and low maintenance look. They can take you from the office to the coffee date to the late night party. But they need special technique and care

  • French Manicure: Your nails are treated the same way they would be for a

Regular nail spa followed by the base coat. Now instead of any color, you can choose between clear white and pale pink which is followed by white polish on the tips. It enhances and beautifies your natural nails.

  • Reverse French Manicure: It is a look which has come straightaway from the fashion designers and high-profile nail stylists. In this just apply the clear white or pale pink nail paint overall followed by the white nail polish on the moon of your nails. You can also choose different combinations like yellow and pink or black and wine.

Gel Manicure

Girls are a sucker for this right now. Going for a wedding or a vacation gets this almost permanent nail manicure done. In this, a special nail polish is applied in the color of your choice followed by curing under UV light. This process seals it permanently. You will have to come for the removal or reapplication to your nail salon again. Yes! It is permanent.

3D Nail Art

This art requires a true nail manicure lover and an expert nail technician. The most creative and expensive kind of nail design it requires a real nail artist to nail this one. You can choose from butterflies, flowers, bow ties, hearts, etc. It is like wearing a masterpiece on your nails.

Artificial Nails

Nowadays you get ready made painted nails with glue. You put them on your nails and feel like a nail expert once they have properly stuck to your nails. They are very easy to remove as well. Just take some warm water and sponge and gradually peel off the glue in between the artificial nails and your real ones. They are available in hundreds of designs throughout the world.

The above given are just a few most commonly used and available manicures. The list is nonexhaustive and can go on and on. Book an appointment with your favorite nail spa or nail salon and let your imagination run wild.

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